Love of design, street photography and travel!

About me

Hello, my name is Felipe Theossi and I have worked with design and development of digital products for more than 10 years.

I have a diploma in Web Design and Development from FIAP and a postgraduate degree in Design Motion Graphics from Escola Panamericana de Arte.

Check below some relevant information about my working style, personal features, academic and professional history.


◦ Design e Usability, I design solutions focused on the product and business, without losing sight of the user experience

◦ I’m good at team working and sharing ideas

◦ Wireframe e navigable prototype

◦ Capacity to discuss and propose solutions alongside business intelligence areas

◦ Organization and presentation of clear ideas

◦ Quest for knowledge and workflow enhancement

◦ Excellent communication with other teams and developers, always taking balance into account

◦ Solid knowledge of media and e-commerce

◦ Ability to record, direct and edit video and photography


◦ Sketch, sound knowledge and a lot of love

◦ Advanced knowledge of Photoshop, to be used moderately

◦ Thorough knowledge of Illustrator, S2 vector

◦ Solid knowledge of HTML & CSS, I study permanently but I’m not a guru

◦ Prototyping, let me do it… InvisionApp or Marvel, whatever, I’ll do it

◦ I’m familiar with JavaScript & Jquery... Actually I know a lot but it’s not possible to program without some help from Google

◦ FinalCut and Motion, if the edition is not like Avatar, let me do it ;)

◦ Image edition is not my thing but I am skilled and patient

◦ Motion Design, I’m still a beginner but I’m able to do nice stuff

Love for

◦ Urban photography and portraits, such registers are a unique art

◦ Animals, particularly dogs... @jeremiasbull

◦ Gastronomy, preferably no-frills. Nothing is better than trying new flavors

◦ Traveling, visiting new places, cultures and people, seeing the world from a different perspective

◦ Art History and museums, progressing and learning from the study of the past

◦ Cinema, TV series and documentaries

◦ Family, friends and people. Nothing is better than a good conversation


UX/UI Designer

For 8 months I worked as a UX Designer responsible for the development of several softwares and internal tools for website management.

I developed design and usability patterns, keeping direct contact with the many different development teams. I also worked as an information architect, designing navigable prototypes, in addition to conducting the unified visual identity for these tools.

Currently, I am a senior UX designer and my main responsibility is the development and evolution of new functionalities for Walmart desktop and mobile websites.

I also work in the website design and customization for seasonal and special campaigns, such as BlackFriday, Christmas, BlackOut, among other commemorative dates.

UX/UI Designer

Editora Abril

I started at Abril being responsible for the design of unified interfaces among websites of many of the company’s brands. I designed layouts for new functionalities and assisted with information architecture.

As one of the responsible for Placar’s visual Project for 2014 World Cup, I worked directly with the areas of business and advertisement in order to develop good solutions and relevant functionalities for the brand’s users and customers.

Between 2014 e 2015 I worked as a UX Designer in the creation of Abril’s new subscription management system. I worked from analyzing needs to interviewing employees, including information architecture design, visual identity, HTMLs user tests. At the end of the project, we had over 200 screen layouts designed exclusively to meet Abril’s and its call center agents’ needs.

At the same time I worked as a consultant for other brands in the group, assisting in-house and external teams in the solutions of complex issues involving design and usability, focusing on the company’s businesses and goals.

UX/UIDesigner & Front-end Developer

Newsmonitor Busk, Webcitzen

I worked in the creation and design of strategic initiatives for the origin of Busk / Newsmonitor, and assisting Webcitzen projects.

I was responsible for usability, creation and design of websites and internal systems, and I also worked as a Front-end, developing HTML, CSS and JS screens.

I had the opportunity to have contact and work directly with major brands such as Red Bull, Nike, Fiat, Estadão, Globo, Itaú, among others.

UX/UI Designer


I worked as a designer alongside the area of New Technologies. I worked in the creation and design of complex CMS systems focused on content management and corporate workflow.

I was responsible for the first versions of Totvs apps for Android and IOS.

I also worked in the creation of Fluig (former ByYou), a process management platform, documents and identities in a collaborative communication interface.

Web Designer

PH3A Tecnologia

I worked as a designer and information architect migrating and adapting financial system desktop interfaces to web interface.

I developed usability studies and user tests, creation of visual identity and screens with financial management complex flows.

I also monitored and approved deliveries alongside front-end development teams.


Postgraduate Degree in Design Motion Graphics

Escola Panamericana de Artes

Art Director

Faculdade Belas Artes

Bachelor Degree in Web Designer and Development

Faculdade de Informática e Administração Paulista - FIAP