Felipe Theossi

User Experience and Product Designer

I’m a Designer with over a decade of experience designing and developing digital products among the big companies with different market targets. Working collaboratively with product and development teams to create unique digital experiences for customers while matching business goals to things people want to do.

To better describe myself I would say that I'm passionate about human interaction, simplicity and little details that's why I think I'm so happy to work in creating digital products for people.

I believe a few slides or pieces of paper cannot adequately describe my personality or ability, so in the following pages you'll see relevant information about the projects that I had worked in, such as methodologies, visual designs and features as well as academic and professional history.


  • Capacity to discuss and propose solutions alongside business intelligence areas
  • Contribute to high-level strategic decisions with the product and executive teams
  • Excellent communication with other business teams and developers
  • Create solutions focused on the product and business
  • Partner with PMs, engineers, researchers and content strategists
  • Work closely with our product and engineering teams to further build products
  • Give and solicit feedback from other in order to continually raise the product quality
  • Create wireframe and user flow
  • Design flows and experiences that are incredibly simple and elegant
  • Provide support to junior designers and work in a highly collaborative way
  • Design and prototype intuitive user interfaces
  • Be involved in user interviews and user testing
  • Create and maintain Design System alongside other team members and developers


Senior UX/UI Designer @ Capgemini

I have been working to create the new user experience for the Capgemini Talent Group IT, which is an internal tool to connect, help and support more than 200.000 Capgemini employee around the world.

My main activity is to effectively collaborate with multiple business areas and regions across France, India, United States, Brazil, Germany and others in working from concept to production on multiple digital projects since the early stages. I work on a daily bases with business owners, UX and UI Designers, developers, vice presidents and project managers to create the idea and build upon amazing products.

Senior Product Designer @ Mimecast

My main activities at Mimecast were to refine and transform ideas from several internal senior stakeholders into products, caring about visual and technical implementation process.

Daily working with several senior product managers across London and Boston in order to find the best flow and design solution to building products for more than 10 million users.

In addition I was responsible for adding new components and keeping our design system up to date, guiding and helping the whole UX Team to maintain the products following the design guides.

Senior Product Designer @ Walmart

For 8 months I have been the UX Designer responsible for the development of several internal softwares and tools for Walmart.com website management. Those web software and apps were used by several areas across the company from storage and order packing through delivery, helping the internal teams and third-party sellers to adding, editing and maintaining products on the updated website.

I developed design and usability patterns leading to the creation the first Walmart design system, keeping direct contact with the different development teams. I also worked with strategy and information architect, designing navigable prototypes, A/B test and in addition to conducting the unified visual identity for these tools.

My last position was UX Design Specialist responsible for the development and evolution of new functionalities for Walmart website desktop and mobile. I also work in the website design and customizations for seasonal and special campaigns, such as BlackFriday, Christmas, BlackOut, among other commemorative dates.

Senior UX/UI Designer @ Abril

I started at Abril being responsible for the design of unified interfaces among websites of many of the most important company’s brands. I designed layouts for new functionalities and assisted with information architecture.

As one of those responsible for Placar’s visual Project for the 2014 World Cup, I worked directly with the areas of business and advertisement in order to develop good solutions and relevant functionalities for the brand’s users and customers.

Between 2014 and 2015 I worked as a UX Designer in the creation of Abril’s new subscription management system. I worked from analyzing needs to interviewing employees, including information architecture design, visual identity, HTMLs prototypes user tests. At the end of the project, we had over 200 screen layouts designed exclusively to meet Abril’s call center agents’ needs to support customers and manage orders and deliveries.

At the same time I worked as a consultant for other brands in the group, assisting in-house and external teams to solve complex issues involving design, information architecture and usability, focusing on the company’s businesses and goals.

Product Designer @ Busk

I worked in the creation and design of strategic initiatives for the origin of Busk / Newsmonitor, and assisting Webcitzen projects.

I was responsible for usability, creation and design of websites and internal systems, and I also worked as a Front-end, developing HTML, CSS and JS screens.

I had the unique opportunity in having direct contact with leading brands such as Red Bull, Nike, Fiat, Estadão, Globo, Itaú, among others.

Web Designer @ Totvs

I worked as a designer alongside the area of New Technologies. I worked in the creation and design of complex CMS systems focused on content management and corporate workflow.

I was responsible for the first versions of Totvs apps for Android and IOS.

I also worked in the creation of Fluig (former ByYou), a process management platform, documents and identities in a collaborative communication interface.

Web Designer @ PH3A Information Technology

I worked as a designer and information architect migrating and adapting desktop financial system interfaces to web interface.

I developed usability studies and user tests, creation of visual identity and screens with financial management complex flows.

I also monitored and approved deliveries alongside front-end development teams.